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At the AMS Medical Center, we approach the treatment of obesity in an integrated way together with sports doctors and personal trainers. We take care of the nutritional assessment and periodic follow-up, obtaining very favorable results thanks to the joint approach of exercise and nutrition.

Metabolic and body composition study

- The first thing is to analyze your situation with the latest technology.

- Easy to apply and non-invasive method.

-TANITA MC 980 MA -Multifrequencysegmental bioimpedance.

- NUTRILAB™ isa phase-angle bioimpedance meter that measures cellular health, capable of performing nutritional and hydration analysis directly on the patient.

- Nutritional ultrasound (muscular and abdominal), to comprehensively assess the amount of fat and muscle that is being modified. 


Nutrition counseling and programs

-Nutritional Coaching: Nutritional education to know yourself, know how to nourish yourself and achieve your goals.

- Counseling both to patients healthy and sick (with medical diagnosis), taking into account physiological or pathological needs, personal, socioeconomic, religious and cultural preferences.

- Elaboration of a personalized personalized nutritional plan focused on the characteristics of each patient and to progressively achieve the objectives of each one: weight lossincrease muscle mass, optimize sports performance, etc.

For complete and optimal results, combine your diet with anexercise program !

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Our Team

Rocio Fernández Jiménez

Nutritionist and dietician at AMS

My name is Rocío Fernández Jiménez and I am a graduate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. I did my degree at the University of Granada. I was lucky enough to do my internship at the Hospital Quirón Salud in Málaga, with the Endocrinology team, and I think that from that moment I knew that I was where I had to be and that my passion was Clinical and Hospital Nutrition.

I have completed a Master's Degree in Clinical and Sports Nutrition, with an expert in Supplementation and Ergogenic Aids. I have also completed an Official Master on Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental Determinants of Growth and Development (child population).

I work at Hospital Quirón Salud in Malaga and I am in charge of hospital malnutrition, specifically of hospitalized onco-hematological patients, trying to detect as soon as possible the patient who may become malnourished, adjusting a correct diet and in some cases the use of specific supplements when the requirements are not met.

Carmen Hardy Añón

Nutritionist and dietician at AMS

My name is Carmen Hardy Añón, I graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Granada. I have always had great interest in the field of Nutrition, physical exercise and sport, during my last year of my career, I did an internship at the Regional Hospital of Malaga and the Civil Hospital. There I was also able to learn about another field of nutrition that ended up determining my vocation as a nutritionist to care for clinical patients with specific nutritional requirements.


I belong to the Endocrinology and Nutrition service of the Hospital Quirón Salud in Malaga; there I perform nutritional screening of patients who are admitted in order to assess their nutritional status and determine whether they are at risk or in a state of malnutrition. For this purpose, a series of physical and psychological tests are performed and their diet is adjusted according to the values obtained, in order to optimize their nutritional status and post-illness recovery. On the other hand, we also consult in the Hospital, to assess patients who require education and nutritional adjustments according to their needs. 

I have also taken a course in Sports Nutrition and another in Nutrition for specific medical situations.

How do we work?


The objective of this consultation is to get to know each other as well as possible and to know what the starting point is with respect to the changes we want to make in your lifestyle. For this we will perform a body composition assessment using new assessment techniques (bioimpendanciometry with phase angle and nutritional ultrasound) different measurements taken in consultation, together with the information provided, and then we will start working together in order to maximize your nutritional status.

During this consultation we will give you practical material so that you receive a nutritional education and change your habits progressively. Our goal is not to make a diet that has an expiration date, but to acquire good habits that will last forever.


Within the first 48-72 hours (working days) after you have seen us in consultation, we will provide you with a meal plan with a fully customized menu via email. This will serve as a guide to help you learn how to organize your eating patterns in order to be well nourished.


After two weeks we will have our review appointment to evaluate the changes achieved and based on that, we will work on a new menu.  


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