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Our expert therapists are here to support your child's physical development through physical therapy.


Mercedes Morales

Director AMS Physiotherapists

Located in AMS Centro Médico del Ejercicio (Málaga/Marbella) and directed by Dr. Guillermo Álvarez (Medical Specialist in Exercise and Sports Medicine) and with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic tendon diseases and especially of bad evolution.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Aimed at the children from 0 to 14 years of ageThe objective is to respond as soon as possible to the transitory or permanent needs of children, their families and their environment, with the aim of meeting their temporary or permanent needs as soon as possible. children with developmental disorders or at risk of suffering them.


Pediatric Traumatology

Orthopedic manual therapy and exercise

Early care

From the experience, the idea and the illusion, in AMS we intend to respond to a prevalent problem by offering a quality service. The interventions of this service take into consideration the globality of the child with the objective of facilitating an adequate maturation that allows them to reach the maximum level of development and integration to all those children who have deficits or are at risk of suffering them.

Aimed at children from 0 to 6 years old and according to their needs, services include:


Respiratory physiotherapy

Personalized treatments

Pediatric physiotherapy and early stimulation area.

Hydraulic bobath stretchers

Therapeutic exercise area padded with material for gross psychomotor skills.

S peech therapy, child psychology and occupational therapy consultation.


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