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Located in AMS Centro Médico del Ejercicio (Málaga/Marbella) and directed by Dr. Guillermo Álvarez (Medical Specialist in Exercise and Sports Medicine) and with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic tendon diseases and especially of bad evolution.

" Only an accurate diagnosis can lead to optimal treatment "

The management of this injury has undergone great changes in recent years and the treatments of elite athletes can now be transferred to amateur athletes.

Tendinopathies are sometimes presented as challenges to be overcome by the medical specialist.

Dr. Alvarez has a team of medical collaborators, surgeons, physiotherapists and readapters who together can design a treatment plan that includes exercise programs (progressive load training), shock waves, ultrasound-guided percutaneous injections-procedures or surgery (mini-open or ultrasound-guided).

" If you suffer pain in a tendon and do not find an answer this may be your way "

Here are 10 messages about tendinopathies that you should know.

From the first visit, there is a different pathway for each patient...

Collection of medical history (active listening to the patient)

2. Clinical Examination.

3. Imaging: Ultrasound (US) / Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

4. Design of an individualized treatment plan tailored to the patient and based on evidence.

5. Treatment plan:

  • Program design and implementation from conservative to surgical.
  • Injections and ultrasound-guided procedures: Corticosteroids, Hyaluronic acid, PRP, Dextrose 5%, Barbotage, Tenotomy or Scraping.
  • Surgery: Mini-open (tennis/golf elbow, patellar, achilles) Ultrasound-guided or Sonosurgery (Achilles, Achilles and patellar rupture).

6. Inclusion in digital follow-up platform for 12 months (Follow-up).

Our method and equipment is endorsed by world-renowned specialists.

as Prof. Håkan Alfredson, M.D, PhD (Sweden)

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