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With our cardiac rehabilitation program, you will be one step closer to your wellness goals.

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Cardio Program

(Program with a minimum permanence of 3 months)

Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) has been shown to improve prognosis and reduce mortality in cardiovascular disease, from coronary heart disease (myocardial infarction or angina) to heart failure, as well as to better control risk factors and improve patients' quality of life.

Our level III RHC program is specific and personalized exercise and education for the patient who is suffering or has suffered from cardiovascular disease.

The combination of cardiovascular endurance training and general and specific strength training.



Designed to improve your health and recover from heart attack (angina-infarction), stable angina, coronary by-pass surgery, heart failure or peripheral vascular disease.

Always under the previous approval of Dr. Javier Mora (Cardiologist), Dr. Guillermo Álvarez (Sports Physician) and Hugo Linares and team (Recovery).

What does it include?

Initial functional medical assessment (stress test).

Initial physical assessment (Field test).

Exercise prescription + planning by our physical recoverers.

Constant and strict monitoring of exercise intensity through our Uptivo system that allows real-time heart monitoring and individualized design of training zones. The goal is to formulate a more stimulating and effective session, and we do this by using heart rate to monitor exercise intensity (Telemetry) using our Uptivo system with projection on a screen in real time, allowing automatic tracking and on-the-spot adjustment of the session.

Control physical assessment at 3 months (Field test).

A follow-up medical assessment at 6 months (if you meet this length of stay).

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