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Virtual Reality!

How does it work? how does it work?



Increased motivation

Increased adhesion

Reduction of catastrophism

Improved balance

Reaction speed


Immersive Virtual Reality transports the patient into a computer-designed environment. This environment can have a real or virtual appearance. Thanks to immersion, we "trick" the senses of sight and hearing, with the therapeutic benefits that this entails, which we will see later on. In each environment, we have created "mechanics" that cause the patient to interact with them, causing the desired movements for the evolution of each of the pathologies. Therefore, Dynamics VR can be considered one of the most powerful active therapy tools on the market, because it includes: movement, external attentional focus, result feedback, variability, gamification and much more.

Effects/ BenefitsBenefits

  • Pain reduction (up to 60%).
  • Reduction of Kinesiophobia (37%).
  • Reduction of catastrophism.
  • Increased self-efficacy.
  • ROM increase (x2).
  • Improved balance.
  • Reduction of the risk of falls in older adults.
  • Improvement of gait pattern in neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Improvement of cognitive functioning in neurodegenerative diseases.


  • Lumbar
  • Cervical
  • Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Relaxation
  • Pain education
  • Reaction speed
  • Accuracy

Speed up your recovery!

How does it work? how does it work?




Guarantees an immediate therapeutic effect

Improves pain and neuromuscular activation.

Pain relief in acute and chronic processes.

Fracture healing



The parameters that determine its physiological effects are intensity and frequency. Both parameters are adjusted to suit the patient's pathology.

It is a non-invasive system, that is, the patient's perception will not be painful. The patient will feel a slight tapping with a vibration sensation and in some cases a slight involuntary muscle contraction.

Effects/ BenefitsBenefits

  • Analgesia in acute and chronic processes
  • Joint mobilization
  • Bone consolidation (bone edema, fissures, fractures...)
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Reduction of spasticity


  • Acute/chronic pain
  • Bone consolidation (fractures, bone edema...)
  • Spasticity
  • Cervical pain, dorsalgia and low back pain
  • Nerve entrapment
  • Joint locking
  • Stimulation of the nervous system

The solution to chronic pain!




How does it work? how does it work?

Shockwave therapy resolves conditions that might otherwise require surgery such as calcaneal spurs or calcifications in the shoulder without the need for painkillers. This, coupled with being a non-surgical therapy, without the need for analgesics, makes it an ideal therapy to speed recovery and cure various indications that cause acute or chronic pain.


  • Analgesic effect: pain reduction due to reduction of pain sensory endings, and Gate Control effect.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect: degradation of inflammatory mediators.
  • Neovascularization effect: promotes stem cell recruitment and release of local growth factors.
  • Stimulation or reactivation of regeneration in each affected tissue. For example in tendons (proliferation of tenocytes).
  • Cavitation effect: destructuring and disintegrating of anomalous calcium deposits (micronization).
  • Osteogenesis: stimulates osteogenic factors (osteonectin). Very indicated in delayed fracture consolidation.
  • Antifibriotic effect: favors the viscoelasticity of fibrous or scar tissues.

Selective neuromuscular control!



How does it work? how does it work?

This device changes the rules of the game for patient engagement, movement assessment and training. In addition, it enhances learning by emphasizing external cues and instant recognition of body positional awareness. The laser remote switch allows you to remove or add visual cues during training for advanced learning and increased participation!


  • It gives patients the benefit of seeing how they move and instantly recognizing where their body is in space.
  • Add a visual component to the simple range-of-motion exercise and allow clients to see the progress.
  • Turn simple exercises such as cervical range of motion, hip hinges or squats into a visually motivating exercise.
  • Add proprioceptive awareness exercises to any body part and let your client visualize his or her motor control ability.

The application and benefit of Motion Guidance is limited only by your creativity!

Boost your performance!


How does it work? how does it work?

The lights heighten the senses, sharpen focus and create the best environment for high performance training.

Whether you're working on performance, fitness or rehabilitation: discover versatility, intensity and total immersion in every activity.

Improve all elements of performance and fitness beyond your potential through combined physical and cognitive training. Join our community of athletes and coaches preparing mind and body to perform at their best, in any sport or discipline.


  • Predefined activities created by professionals can be programmed to challenge your reaction times to improve your performance.
  • Both group and individual exercises can be performed, depending on the needs of each moment.
  • You have the option to measure and analyze your training sessions.
  • This device allows to practice physical and cognitive training.
  • Suitable for fitness enthusiasts. 

The revolution in training and rehabilitation is here!

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